Episode 14- Erik Benjamin

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Now working with NBC in New York, Erik Benjamin was once a camper at Acting Manitou and later a counselor. He joins us in the studio to talk about his adventures at camp as a southern boy meeting “intellectual New Yorkers” for the first time and how A Chorus Line at Acting Manitou helped to make him the incredibly astute and inspiring young man he is today.

Episode 6- Ethan Slater

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Ethan Slater is a creative friend of Acting Manitou. His career and creative life embody our challenges to “Take Joy in All You Do,” “Make Lifelong Friends” and “Be Inspired and Inspire Others.” Here he talks about his college journey, the inspiration of Tina Landau, and what life is like after Spongebob. He also takes questions from our listeners and plays a rousing game of… Kurt Russel!

Episode 5- The Handelman Sisters

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Helen and Nancy Handelman are a true example of how Acting Manitou is a family affair. They have a legacy of reviewing performances and many memories at Acting Manitou that we chat about on this episode of AMPod. We also hear about how Acting Manitou gave them both a way of looking at theater that they carry with them today, Nancy as she prepares to study abroad in London and Helen as she launches her own journey as a director.