Blog Post: August 1st, 2017

Hello Acting Manitou Friends and Family!

Counselor Lucy here, and I can’t believe it’s already the second week of camp! Time flies when you’re at camp!

Yesterday, the week started off terrifically with garbage bag outfits, flying socks, ice cream, clans, and not one but TWO rehearsals! The morning marked the start of Gotcha, where campers are assigned “targets” to throw two socks (nothing more, nothing less) at and yell, “GOTCHA!” As both a Getter and a Target, campers must both avoid being Gotten while trying to Get their target. The last person left standing is proclaimed this year’s Gotcha Champion! Campers ran frantically to get safely to the flagpole, a safe zone, for flag rising. This session was the world premier of Gotcha 2.0, which puts everyone into one of five clans –Bear, Moose, Hawk, Lobster, or Wolf. These new editions were somehow able to increase the excitement and number of frantic chases.

After a delicious breakfast, a thorough bunk cleaning, and energizing warm-ups; campers headed off the elective classes, armed with a pair of socks, like any Gotcha player worth their salt knows: always be prepared. During organized activities, Gotcha is paused, enabling campers to fully immerse themselves in the present moment. After elective classes full of singing, acting, and fun, campers headed to their Production classes. Meeting for the second time yesterday, production classes give students the opportunity to experience what goes into a play besides the acting; whether it is building or painting sets, designing or creating costumes, stage managing, or publicizing the play. In the Costume Designer, Alyssa’s Costume Design class, campers designed costumes, brought them to life with trash bags, and then walked the runway!

A hearty lunch and the ever-important downtime (which Gotcha made a little more hectic than usual), campers hurried off to rehearsal, where they brought there shows even closer to Show Day ready. Next came pool time, which unfortunately was cut short due to a summer rainstorm, but campers still had an amazing time in their bunks. In my bunk (Vogel), we played cards, played the ukulele and sang, and put away our freshly clean laundry. How delightful!

This brought us to dinner –simply delectable Eggplant Parmesan with Tenderloin Marinara. Mm mm good! Yesterday, we had evening rehearsal, giving us extra time to work on our amazing shows. After rehearsal, we had an ice cream social, where both ice cream sundaes (complete with sprinkles, whipped cream and gummy bears) and even deeper friendships were made in abundance. Finally, the Matsons helped us power down, before we headed back to the bunks for a well-earned rest.

With more Gotcha, scrumptious meals, Elective presentations, and, of course, rehearsals, on the horizon; be sure to tune in next time for AM365, the best way to stay updated on camp life!