Blog Post: August 10th, 2017

Hi!! Counselor Lucy here to bring you all the news from Acting Manitou.

Yesterday, was another amazing day of tech rehearsals here at camp. The morning started out with delicious blueberry pancakes, which prepared us all for a jam-packed, fun day. After breakfast and inspection, all casts and techies headed off to a 9 o'clock rehearsal where they got that muchmore ready for show day. Lunch was a delectable meal of Falafels with an amazing sauce.

Downtime and rehearsals for some of the casts followed lunch. Those that didn't have rehearsal were given some Pool time. During tech week, self-care becomes even more important than normal, so campers can stay healthy and happy during a particularly busy week.

After dinner, the casts who didn't have rehearsal in the afternoon had rehearsal then. The campers who were off had pool time and the opportunity to take a special elective class called "How to Make Bad Theater" with visiting staff member, Michael Kevin Baldwin! The campers had an amazing time creating goofy skits. Finally, campers got ready for then went to bed to prepare them for the final ( :( sniff, sniff) couple days of camp