Blog Post: August 3rd, 2017

Hey hi hello Acting Manitou family and friends! Sam Wheeler here, bunk counselor in Durang, stage manager for Once Upon a Mattress, and proponent of kindness. Yesterday was a very special day here at camp: TRIP DAY! Everyone was geared up for a great day filled with fun and adventures. The morning kicked off with bunk photos and breakfast, then a full camp photo and a staff photo out on the Great Lawn.


After a quick clean up and light inspection of the bunks, the entirety of camp split into two groups. One group went on a hike at Mt. Philip, and the other group went to the Colby College Museum of Art (did you know that it is the largest museum North of Boston?). After about an hour and a half for each group at their respective places, everyone came back to campus for a pool party and a BBQ at our pool! There was swimming, inflatable unicorns and rainbows, music, and good times had by all.


Once the pool party was over everyone headed back to the bunks to change into our Acting Manitou HOME t shirts and got back on the buses. This session we went to Boothbay Harbor, a coastal Maine town about an hour and half from camp. Everyone split into small groups, grabbed a counselor, and moseyed around the town for about three hours. There was lots of shopping, delicious dinners, and sweet and delightful ice cream. Our bellies full and smiles tired, we all climbed back on the buses and headed back for camp. Upon arriving home, we Powered Down and headed back to the bunks for a much needed night's rest.


That's all for now folks, looking forward to seeing you all very soon on show day!

-Sam Wheeler