Blog Post: August 4th, 2017

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Good afternoon, friends! We had a spectacular day at Acting Manitou yesterday. Refreshed from Trip Day, we dived into the second half of camp with renewed energy and exciting new opportunities! We had our second double-rehearsal day, with the acting campers putting together the past few weeks of work to do design runs (run-throughs of the shows for the production staff to watch so that technical elements can start to be incorporated) and with our tech campers hard at work in the shop or with their respective shows.

Just before lunch, the whole camp gathered to hear about the amazing electives being offered next. Then after lunch and our second rehearsal of the day, we enjoyed some relaxing bunk time, waiting out a bit of a rainy spell, before regrouping for an exciting night of Thursday Night Live! The campers spent the evening writing hysterical commercials and sketches, many of which featured characters suspiciously (and hilariously) close to some of our very own staff members. While this comedy kept us all laughing, the CITs took off for their very own night of bonding where they worked together to complete an Escape the Room challenge (and won!) and caught up over some pizza off-campus.

Exhausted after a long day of fun work, we headed to bed to rest up for the next day of excitement! Let the second half of camp commence!