Blog Post: August 5th, 2017


Good morning everyone! We had another amazing day at Acting Manitou yesterday!

With the excitement and energy from our double-rehearsal day, we started Friday with flag raising, followed by breakfast, clean-up and then warm-ups, but it was the first day of new electives! The new electives include Blueberry Bonanza, Playwriting, Musical Theater Ensemble, Brockumentary, Dance! Dance! Dance!, Theater of Nature, and Meditation and Mindfulness. The campers LOVE their new electives; they are feeling rejuvenated and ready to head into tech week with that energy.

After lunch and downtime, the acting campers again headed to rehearsal and the tech campers to the theater, everyone hard at work on the shows. After dinner for evening activity, we honored the puddle god, Enkoodabao, with a camper showcase featuring the incredible, enormous amount of talent at AM. Some acts included blindfolded piano playing, readings from silly emails from Grammy, some incredible dancing, and, of course, lots and lots of singing, both songs written by campers and other more familiar tunes. The spirit of Acting Manitou was abundantly clear last night, and everyone was reveling in it.

The evening ended with a meditation and hill time to center ourselves for bed and the days to come. Enkoodabao really highlighted the campers' love for each other and making art, and it was the perfect way to end the week. We are beyond excited for tech week to come and, soon enough, show day!!!