Blog Post: August 8th, 2017


Helloooooooo readers! Emma here with another exciting update to AM 365! (And before you ask, it’s Benten. There’s a lot of us with that name up here, so the distinction’s kind of important.)

Yesterday marked the last day before tech rehearsal, and it went off without a hitch! After a wonderful morning with flag raising, blueberry pancakes, and bunk clean-ups, the campers went off to their last elective class of the section! The period was spent preparing for that night’s evening activity: the second elective presentation. While Theatre of Nature found enough time to devise a third original work, most of the other electives focused on refining what they already had in anticipation for the performance.

Lunch involved perennial favorite dishes from our wonderful kitchen staff, including macaroni and cheese and chicken nuggets! (Vegetarian options included, of course). Downtime came and went, and soon the campers were off to another rehearsal! It would be the last day that rehearsal would only take place once a day in the afternoon. For tech week, the campers will get to enjoy three different rehearsal slots: one for full-on tech rehearsal, another for refining scenes, songs, and character work, and an off slot to enjoy some down time. It’s clear that the campers have grown into their roles and shows over the last few weeks and are up to the challenge that tech week offers!

The day wasn’t over yet! Despite some overcast weather preventing them from enjoying some afternoon pooltime, the campers still enjoyed some time in the bunks, bonding with friends and counselors alike. After a healthy dinner of asparagus, red rice, and salmon, the campers enjoyed a delicious dessert: a blueberry buckle prepared by the Blueberry Bonanza elective! The blueberry buckle was so good that even people who claimed to not like blueberries devoured their whole share and declared it the best dessert at camp so far. Trust me, I was one of those people.

Elective presentations only grew better from there. The campers were delighted to perform for everybody else and see what their friends had proudly worked on for the past few days! Among the performances, they were entreated to three devised pieces from Theatre of Nature, renditions of One Day More and a melody of Waitress by Musical Theatre Ensemble, hilarious short films from Brockumentary, some intriguing play pitches by Playwriting, a dance from Dance, Dance, Dance tailored around our very own gazebo, and a practical mindfulness exercise in self-help taught by Mindfulness and Meditation.

It was a great success for all, and the campers spent the rest of the night before returning to the bunks for lights out enjoying each other’s company in the gazebo. With a few returning veteran staff visitors in tow and electives finished for the session, the campers were ready for the home stretch: tech week!

That concludes another thrilling look into life at Acting Manitou! We can’t wait to meet all you lovely parents for show day, and I’m certain the campers are excited to perform in their amazing shows! Until then, this has been AM 365!




Emma B.