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Hi Acting Manitou friends!

I think about the Acting Manitou mission statement all year long (if it’s been a while since you read it, I highly recommend you read it again!), but this week I’ve been thinking particularly about one phrase in it: “make lifelong friends.”

This idea kept popping into my head this week because I was working on Here Be Dragons again. The show had its world premiere at Acting Manitou in 2012, with music by John McGrew and book by Steve Borowka, and then I directed it at college in 2016. This year, it was the musical at Friends Seminary, featuring lots of veteran Manitou campers!

As we worked on the show, I was often reminded of the lifelong friendships we make doing theater – the Manitou friends who came to see my production at college, including two of the cast members from the original production; the campers who are now counselors and saw the Friends production; and the new friends I made on this third production. Though camp is only in session during the summer, our friendships keep it alive all year long.

Keep being a good friend to all, and the Acting Manitou family will be your lifelong friends!

Till this summer,