Guest Blogger Blog - Katrina!

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Hello Acting Manitou friends and family!!!

This is Katrina, your friendly neighborhood bunk counselor, lifeguard, and costume technician! And may I just say Happy Spring!  To my fellow North Easterners and I, it seemed like warm weather was never coming, but it has finally started to feel like summer is on its way.

For many of us this time of year means Spring shows!  I personally just finished up a production of Peter and the Starcatcher, where I played Mrs. Bumbrake and used a familiar pair of red bloomers Zara and I made this past summer for our season!  It was so wonderful to revisit such a fun and adventurous show that holds so many warm memories for me.  One of the things I love most about theatre is the ability for shows to feel like old friends, and that we can revisit them time and time again.  Some shows stay with us because of our cast, those friendly faces we see everyday, that we open our minds and imaginations with to create amazing works of art. Sometimes it’s a role that opened our eyes to new possibilities and taught us a different way of looking at a situation.  Sometimes it’s the script or music itself, a line or lyric that just sounds right and echoes in our minds every so often.  No matter what it is, there’s something about each and every show I’ve worked on, in whatever capacity, that has taught me new things and sticks with me as I grow and develop as a theatre artist.  Our own, personal theatre histories are a treasure that we must take care of and cherish throughout our lives.  A large part of my studies as college this year have been towards theatre history, and learning all about where we come from as artists.  Just like knowing who your ancestors were and where they came from, thespians have their very own heritage that stretches back to the dawn of man.  I’ve spent the past two semesters studying some of the greatest playwrights we know: William Shakespeare, George Bernard Shaw, Henrik Ibsen, and Eugene O'Neill just to name a few.  I’ve also made it a personal mission of mine to read at least one play by each of the playwrights our cabins are named after!  If anyone would like to join me on this task, please jump in and send me some suggestions- we can even make a little book club out of it!

Theatre artists are some of the strongest people in the world!  And every step we take- be it auditioning, performing, writing, sewing, building, designing, or anything else under the sun- is unimaginably important to our future as a community and as a world, and I encourage everyone to find something you’re passionate about, and let the joy of that shine through in every step you take.  And as always, Take Joy In All You Do.