Blog: July 1st, 2018


Hello and welcome to the Acting Manitou blog! This is Spencer coming to you “live” from the top of the hill at camp as our campers get going on their first full day of camp. I speak for the full staff when I say we could not be more grateful for the arrival of the campers as we widen our circle and our family to include them. From the first arrivals early  yesterday afternoon to the final van from the airport, every new vehicle was welcomed with open arms (especially wide arms for the Princeton/NYC/Newton bus). We somehow managed to hold off our hugs until everyone completed their health checks with our wonderful nurses, Gail and Emily, and after some theater games on the Great Lawn we ushered in the first meal of camp with breadsticks, spaghetti, meat sauce, and a nice mud pie for dessert. 

After dinner we reconvened in our theater for orientation. The campers watched a wacky video tour of camp and learned about our daily schedule. We were especially excited to share with our campers this summer’s theme: Challenge Yourself! Each staff members introduced themselves and shared a way in which they’ve challenged themselves this year. Then our amazing camp directors, Steve and Lesley, explained our camp rules and welcomed our tech campers and CITs—our oldest campers who will take on leadership roles throughout the summer. We ended the evening with an activity called Power Down, where two of our non-bunk staff members lead all of the campers in a relaxing group activity to help us transition to bunk time before bed.

For last night's Power Down we were treated to a bedtime story from Lesley about an imaginary friend who ventured into the real world to find friends and a path of their own. Steve sent the campers off to bed with an exciting challenge: to make a new friend every day of camp. Campers and staff alike will take up this challenge Sunday morning, as we begin our normal camp routine along with some master classes and audition workshops. Words can barely begin to describe my excitement now that camp has officially begun!

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