Blog: July 10th, 2018

Watermarked Jul-09-2018-51.jpg

Hey everyone, Andrew here! On the 9th of july in Waterville, Maine, on the campgrounds of Acting Manitou, the air was light. And because the air was light, the spirits of the campers were light. It was the first day of double rehearsals and the murmurs of trip day began to spread through the camp quicker than you could say “Enkoodabao*”. From great battles to lovers quarrels, linguistics to the magic hidden behind the tree’s, discoveries were to be made with every passing minute of rehearsals. Finally it was time to replenish and nourish those hard working minds, with pasta and birthday cake, with salad or with fruit, whatever suited the palate of these courageous adventurers. Then for the main event, a festival of games and activities we here at camp like to call “Recreation, Rotation, Station”, and there was much joy to be had. As the sun set, and the campers went back to their bunks, one had to think “How could it get better than this?”


*Enkoodabao is the spirit of Acting Manitou, presiding over the Camper Showcase which is performed as a tribute to their spirit of joy, community and theater!