Blog: July 11th, 2018


Good morning, friends of Acting Manitou! Glad to be back for a third round of blogging today. I’d be remiss to not lead with a highlight from yesterday: the food. From coffee cake at breakfast to chicken tenders at lunch, with mac and cheese and broccoli for dinner and chocolate cookies for dessert, we were truly spoiled by our kitchen staff yesterday. Kim and her team give us the energy we need to make it through our jam-packed days—and she does so deliciously.

            Yesterday also brought the beginning of our second round of electives. With the first elective presentations in the books, the campers got to choose from an entirely new roster of electives. This round we have some very popular electives about circus training, bench building, playwriting, and musical theater singing. Some campers were even lucky enough to go strawberry picking with Lesley. I was very excited to start teaching my elective, which is called Theater of Sport. The twelve campers in my group are exploring the ways in which sports and theater intersect and interact. Often we hear of the stereotype that “theater people” don’t play sports or aren’t athletic, while we know the complete opposite to be true. I can’t wait to get back to work with them in our next class to continue to investigate and challenge our preconceived notions of how we use our bodies for sports andfor theater.

            The night wrapped up with an AM-spin on a classic game show, Wheel of Fortune! The campers were divided into families competing to solve camp-themed word puzzles. The Fowler family made an impressive run on the last puzzle but went bankrupt on their final spin, leaving the door open for the Murray family to complete a last-minute comeback and take home the gold. Everyone joined in the celebration with some karaoke before powering down with our musical directors, Bob and Griffin, and then heading back to the bunks.

            I know we were all grateful to get some rest last night as today marks the halfway point of the session, but more importantly: it’s trip day! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s blog post to hear all about it!