Blog: July 12th, 2018


Good morning, Acting Manitou friends and family!

It's Margie again, here to update you on one of my favorite days of the session, trip day! Trip day gives campers the opportunity to take a break from rehearsals and electives, and instead have a fun and carefree day of playing and exploring. After a bagel breakfast and some bunk photos, we all headed over to the neighboring Camp Manitou, where campers spent the morning swimming in the lake, playing on the inflatable water units, kayaking and paddle boarding, playing Gaga and beach volleyball, and relaxing by the waterfront. As wonderful as Acting Manitou's pool is, it's always a nice treat to get to swim at Camp Manitou's waterfront, and get to play some water sports and explore the lake. We had a lake-side barbecue, cooked by our staff. Special shoutout goes to our Master Carpenter Gillian Gold, who is also a Master Griller!

Before heading back to Acting Manitou, we stopped by the gym to play a game of knockout basketball! Athletes and non-athletes alike participated, and it the end it came down to three basketball extraordinaire's: counselor Niamh, and campers Kiera P and Evan L. In the end Evan took the gold, with Kiera coming in a close second.

We then all headed out for the afternoon portion of our trip day. Campers had the choice between going on a hike or attending the Bowdoin Art Museum. The hikers got to explore the Maine "wilderness" and took some time to be green and grateful, whereas the museum crew wandered through Bowdoin's exhibitions, which featured a wide variety of artistic styles.

The two groups then met up in Freeport, Maine, where they were able to have a nice dinner out on the town, and shop around for souvenirs, clothing, accessories, and ice cream!

It was an eventful, lovely day, and it was a nice break from our regularly scheduled programming. Campers are excited to jump back into electives and rehearsals with a revived sense eagerness, and clear minds!

Wishing you all the best,