Blog: July 13th, 2018

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Good Morning Acting Manitou Friends and Family!

Justin here—currently soaking up the sun and enjoying the fresh Maine air.  It’s an easy breezy day here at camp, as we are all back into our daily routine after Wednesday’s field trip.  Yesterday proved another day of work, relaxation, and fun!

Our campers started their morning with elective classes.  Lesley’s Strawberry Bonanza class used the berries that they picked earlier in the week to make a delicious Strawberry Buckle.  They served it for dessert last night and—let me tell you first hand—it was truly sublime. I had to go back for seconds! Bob’s Musical Theater Ensembleclass belted out showtunes all morning and I quite enjoyed hearing the chorus of “This Is Me” from The Greatest Showmanechoing around campus.  I also caught sight of Andrew’s Circus Training class—his students already know how to juggle, balance plates, and even walk on a tightrope!  I wonder if they’ll tackle Lion Taming in their next class…

In the afternoon, campers followed their usual schedule of downtime, rehearsal, and pool time.  The shows are really coming along quite nicely. I caught a run of She Kills Monstersand it was phenomenal.  What a treat to watch Bobbye H., Josie M., Killian C., Emma H., and Graham B. fight their way through an imaginary world of dungeons, dragons, and evil cheerleaders.  It’s going to be quite the spectacle!

Our evening activity last night was the annual Enkoodabao Festival, which is on of my favorite nights of the whole year!  Otherwise known as the Camper Showcase, the Enkoodabao Festival is an opportunity for our campers to perform acts and talents for the rest of our community. We had kids sing, dance, perform monologues, tell jokes, and more!  I particularly enjoyed watching Frankie B. and Cipa F. re-enacting their favorite Vine videos.  Margo K. also sang a beautiful Lana Del Ray cover, while Daliah H. showed off her ballet skills to Narges A. accompanying her on the piano.  Our campers here are so talented in many different areas of the performing arts and the Enkoodabao Festival is a great way for us to acknowledge their skills.  Also, it ended in an impromptu dance party, which is always a welcome treat.

That’s all for now! The Pavilion is beckoning me…I hope it’s chicken fingers for lunch.