Blog: July 14th, 2018

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Hello Acting Manitou Friends and Family! 

Yesterday was a very happy Friday indeed. Instead of having another round of our elective classes, our morning slot was dedicated to a production call. Campers had the option to sign up to help in the scene shop, with props, or Paige with lights. These sign ups were optional. The production call slot was also dedicated to line memorization time. Some casts, like Pride & Prejudice and Tuck Everlasting, met together as a group to run group scenes and numbers, while other casts like Much Ado and She Kills Monsters worked individually to really nail down memorizing all of their lines. A great morning of hard work, prep, and focus for our show day (which is right around the corner!)

After Production Call / Memorization Morning, campers had a bit of downtime after lunch and before rehearsals to relax and prep for the rest of the day. At dinner, we all came together in glorious harmony to sing Happy Birthday to Pride and Prejudice Director Jeremy!

Then it was time for the highly anticipated evening activity….Red Carpet Dance! The Pavilion was transformed into a glamorous dance hall, decked out in sparkly streamers, movie ticket fringe and gold balloons. The entrance to the Pav down the hill had a long red carpet for our celebrities to pose on before entering the dance. We had a poker table, and two craft tables with bracelet making and coloring pages. Campers danced the night away in their elegant party wear. Later in the evening, we all lined up to take a hit at a huge, star shaped piñata filled with candy and party favors. It was a celebration not to miss! 

At the end of the evening, our super star celebs and dancers made their way back to the cabins to rest up for another great day at camp. 

Signing off, 

Kyra :)