Blog: July 16th, 2018

Watermarked Jul-15-2018 2.jpg

Hello! Spencer here, refreshed and ready to blog after our second (and final L) lazy Sunday of the sessions. Of course even though we call it lazy Sunday, campers and staff alike get lots of good work done. 

The day began later than usual, allowing campers the chance to sleep in. We enjoyed a rolling breakfast, meaning you could show up to the Pavilion between 8:30 and 9:15 to get an omelet cooked just for you by a member of the staff. Maybe you were in the mood for a meaty breakfast with ham and cheese or perhaps you wanted a nice veggie scramble with peppers and onions; there were options galore and, as always, no line for toast. 

The morning was time to work with our production staff or to work individually on your show. Many of the casts gathered in groups to run their lines; it’s always heartening to see our campers taking initiative and putting in work outside of regular rehearsal time. Lunch brought a wide variety of ravioli (butternut squash, anyone?!) as well as a quick thunderstorm. While we were ready to hunker down in the Pavilion with our breadsticks, the rain quickly turned to sun and we were able to enjoy our new ping pong tables before rehearsal (stay tuned in the next few days for updates on our camp-wide ping pong tournament). 

For last night’s evening activity everyone got to participate in the annual tradition of CIT moments. Each of our eight CITs was assigned a group of campers and a location on campus. They were then tasked with devising a piece of site-specific theater using the prompt, “Think Outside the Box.” At the end of the evening, we all moved from location to location experiencing each group’s inventive, engaging, and thought-provoking moments. 

As the sun set on another glorious Acting Manitou evening, Zack and Chris led us in a power down that to help prepare for the tech week ahead. The shows are now in full gear and we can’t wait to forge ahead! 

- Spencer