Blog: July 17th, 2018

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Good morning everyone!

I hope all is going well with you all back at the home front. It seems like just yesterday was camper arrival day, and now we have reached our final week of first session! Yesterday we had our last "normal" day of activities before we head into tech week. The campers had a double dose of rehearsal, allowing them to polish their performances and perfect their show. The campers have been working so tirelessly on their performances, and it is so exciting to see how far these shows have come in such a short period of time. After spending the morning rehearsing, we enjoyed lunch and then some downtime, and then dove right back into rehearsal!

We had an early dinner in order to leave for the evening activity, which was (drumroll please).... BOWLING! Campers and staff took some time away from campus to head out to Central Maine Bowling for a night of games and fun! Whether you were like camper Danica who got two strikes in a row, or someone like myself who found their ball in the gutter more often than not, it was still an enjoyable, high energy night for all. Campers were able to play in the arcade as well, racking up tickets to buy toys like barbies and stuffed animals, and candy! After battling it out at the lanes, campers were treated to ice cream at Gifford's, paid for by camp! Gifford's is a staple here in Maine, and campers (and myself) enjoyed indulging in some of their iconic flavors, such as Muddy Boots and Pink Peppermint Stick. It was a nice (and delicious!) treat after a busy day of activities. It was also one last final hoorah before tech week begins, and all of our focus is directed on the shows. I for certain can't wait to see all of the incredible shows this Saturday!

Until next time,