Blog: July 18th, 2018

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Hey AM Family!

Yesterday was a bit rainy and cold outside, which was a welcome reprieve from the heat we’ve experienced lately.  There’s nothing like getting cozy in a large sweatshirt and curling up in our comfy cabins.  Besides—a little rain can’t get us down, for yesterday was the first day of tech!

Tech rehearsals are busy for everyone here on camp—production staff, artistic staff, counselors, and campers alike are in overdrive in order to make sure the shows are the best they can be for our upcoming Festival Day this weekend.  Tech days are divided into three rehearsal periods, and each show rehearses for two out of those three rehearsals.  They are busy days, but it is always so rewarding when all aspects of a production—the actors, the design, the effects—come together to create a cohesive piece of theater.

In the morning, the cast of Spelling Bee did a tech run in the theater.  They were able to work through the whole show with full lights, sets, and costumes. It’s looking great and those kids are a riot!  In the afternoon, Much Ado About Nothing got to work in the theater.  If you listened closely, you could hear the 70s music thumping from the theater all throughout campus.  In the evening, after a hearty dinner of veggies and chicken, we resumed tech rehearsals.  Casts that were not rehearsing in the evening, had a great time doing some arts and crafts with our Evening Activities team.  By the end of the day, the campers were quite tired, but fulfilled from a busy day of rehearsing and prepping for our shows.

That’s all for now! The Ping Pong tables are afire right now from our annual Ping Pong Tournament.  I’m going to go checkout the competition.