Blog: July 19th, 2018

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Hello Acting Manitou Family & Friends! 

We’re at full speed here at camp as we take our tech week by storm and prepare our 5 fantastic shows for you all to enjoy this weekend. Our second day was a success, as we again followed our new schedule of 3 tech periods of the day, in which casts rehearse for two of them and are off for the other. Some rehearsal and tech rooms opened their doors to an audience for the first time, like the cast of Spelling Bee, so they could start getting a feel of what the show will be like with real audience participation! As I walk around camp through all the different performance venues, it is inspiring to see all of the hard work and joy that each camper is putting into their roles, onstage and off. I’m also blown away by our incredible sets, beautiful costumes, and dazzling lights that our talented tech team has been working tirelessly on. I can’t wait until we open our doors for you all to see, too! 

In the evening when the last rehearsals and tech periods came to an end, we had a surprise treat: Klondike bars! After nibbling on the tasty, late night dessert, Justin and Jeremy read the campers some Shell Silverstein poems for power down before bed. Our CITS, however, gathered in the lounge with some members of our staff for our traditional CIT Roundtable. We shared with the campers what we did post high school and talked about the various paths we have gone on educationally and professionally. The floor was opened up to the CITs to ask about college, studying theatre, and transitioning into the “real world.”  I found myself even wanting to take notes from some of our staff members as they imparted wisdom and shared life advice with the campers. After the discussion, we all went to bed to gear up for one last day of tech. 

It’s all coming together so quickly! Can’t wait for you to get here. See you soon! 

Kyra :)