Blog: July 2nd, 2018

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Hello Acting Manitou family and friends!

What a wonderful first full day of camp we had yesterday! After a night of settling into their bunks, the campers awoke with excitement as they prepared to embark on this three week journey! The air buzzed with eagerness and joy as campers reunited with old friends, as well as quickly making new ones. After a delicious blueberry pancake breakfast, the campers split into groups and had their first sampling of one of three morning warm-ups, led by our incredible counselors. Warm-ups include Yoga, Body and Voice, and Theatre Games. Then the campers went off to their first round of Master Classes, instructed by our insanely talented and brilliant directors. Every camper will get the opportunity to take a class with and learn from each director; from tackling the challenging language of Shakespeare with Jeremy, to allowing randomness and chance to create a unique piece of theatre with Dara, to exploring space and movement with Adam, each camper will be exposed to a wide smattering of theatrical styles and performance techniques throughout the course of the session.

The campers then signed up for their first round of elective classes. Each camper will attend their elective class five times throughout the week, allowing them to fully dive into the class. Campers had the option to chose from Theatre Ensemble, Stage Combat, Musical Theater Dance, Songwriting, and Monologue writing. In keeping with the theme of this summer, campers were encouraged to challenge themselves by signing up for electives that they normally would not sign up for.

After lunch and some down time, the campers made their way to the theater to get the opportunity to ask questions to the directors and music directors of this session's shows. This time allowed for the directors to give campers a clearer sense of what their respective show is about, and for campers to ask questions about cast sizes, characters, song selections, and more. Then the campers learned the two audition songs and the audition dance, so that they will be fully prepared for a full day of auditioning today! To further prep them for auditions, the campers attended audition workshops with the artistic staff, where they learned more about what to expect during auditions at Acting Manitou, and how they can prepare to put their best foot forward!

It was a very warm and sunny day here in Oakland, Maine, so the campers were very relieved to have an hour to enjoy the pool (after some quick swim tests!).

The evening activity was our annual staff showcase, which gives the campers an opportunity to learn more about our talented and staff! We had a wide variety of performances, which included both traditional "talent" acts like singing and acting, to more wacky and silly skits and games. Counselors Tyler and Jada did a hilarious lip sync performance to "This is Me" from Camp Rock, our set designer Bruno taught us how to properly karaoke, and Chris performed a lovely rendition of "Waiting for Life" from Once on This Island. It was a great opportunity for the staff to showcase their talents (and their sense of humor) to the campers! We wrapped up the evening with one of my favorite camp activities, the "Marshmallow Social." Campers are told to find a camper who they don't yet know, and roast that camper a marshmallow and make them a s'more! It's a great way to make new friends, and it gives us all an excuse to eat some late night s'mores! After a long and hectic day, we Powered Down by listening to and enjoying the sounds of nature, and then headed back to the bunks! It was a hectic but exciting, silly, challenging, inspiring day at camp!

I am beyond excited for this group of campers, and cannot wait to see what beautiful, inspiring, important pieces of theatre they are going to help create this summer.

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Wishing you all at home the best,