Blog: July 20th, 2018

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Happy early morning! It’s Spencer once again, returning for my final first session blog. Yesterday was our final day of tech and all five of the shows took exciting steps forward in preparation for dress rehearsals and show day. 

We kicked the morning off with some blueberry pancakes and then most of the shows headed into a tech run-through or morning rehearsal. I’m the choreographer for Spelling Beeso I headed off to our run-through in the theater. We were very lucky to have a small audience in our rehearsal, comprised partly of some friends from Tuck Everlastingwho were on their morning off. The rest of the house featured campers and counselors from our friends across the woods at Camp Manitou. By complete coincidence they also put on Spelling Beethis summer, so their cast came by to watch our version. They were an engaged and vocal audience, which was much appreciated by our performers, who found the opportunity to breathe new life into the show.

After some mac and cheese for lunch and some ping pong at downtime, rehearsals continued and the cast of She Kills Monsters put in some time cleaning camp (a very welcome help before friends arrive on Saturday!). After pool time and a delicious dinner of haddock and brownies for dessert, the casts of Tuck and She Kills Monstersgot their shot at a final tech rehearsal. While the SKMfolks got a late start so they could work in the darkness outside, the Tuckcast was in for a surprise: like their Spelling Beecounterparts they were treated to a full audience. This time it was our neighbors from the new camp down the road, Camp Somerset. We had over 60 (!) campers see the run-through and judging by the raucous applause after each musical number, they had a blast. 

We finished the day with a long-standing tradition: a campfire up in the woods. After gathering our sweatshirts and bug spray, we headed up to a fire started by our maintenance man extraordinaire, Darren. Once everyone had arrived, our CITs were given the opportunity to speak to the camp, whether it be to reflect on their experience this session, to share an insight from their years at camp, or to talk about how they will bring the Acting Manitou mission out into the world. It was a lovely, relaxing end to a long day and we headed back to the bunks to rest up for dress rehearsal day. 

Check back in tomorrow to hear about one of the most exciting days of camp!