Blog: July 21st, 2018

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Good morning all!

It's crazy to realize that we've arrived at show day! These past three weeks have truly flown by. I'm so sad that this session is coming to a close, yet so unbelievably excited about the shows! Yesterday was dress rehearsal day, which is probably my favorite day of the session. On dress rehearsal day, the entire camp gets to watch all 5 shows. It's a jam-packed day, but a day that is so inspirational and wonderful to witness and be a part of.

The day started with The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, which had the audience laughing hysterically at the excuberant characters, and toe-tapping along to the catchy numbers. We then journeyed to the big amphitheater to watch a not-your-grandmother's-adaptation of Pride and Prejudice. This version was quick-paced, silly, and lively, bringing a new life to the Jane Austen classic. After some lunch (chicken cordon bleu, Steve's favorite, in honor of his birthday!) we time traveled back to the 1970's to watch Much Ado About Nothing! This version was filled with dance breaks and bell bottoms, which was a surprise twist on the Shakespeare classic. After Much Ado About Nothing we gathered to watch a brand new installment to our performance days, our first ever CIT showcase! The CIT showcase gives our fabulous and talented CIT's a chance to perform any piece of their choosing, from monologues, to songs, to tap dancing! Our CITs are so special to us, and it was a joy to watch them shine while performing pieces that they are passionate about. We then broke for dinner, and then finished the night with our remaining two shows! First we watched Tuck Everlasting, a beautiful show that is heartwarming and touching; the themes of family and friendship hit particularly close to home for us. Lastly we went out to the mini amphitheater to watch She Kills Monsters, a real life version of Dungeons and Dragons! Well, almost. The show is filled with elaborate and intense stage combat battles and duels, but also has themes of family and acceptance.

It was a spectacular day, and it was amazing to see everyone's hard work pay off. Everyone is so talented, and it was a joy to see everyone thrive in their roles and shows. I can't wait to see all of the shows again today, and to hopefully meet some of you!

For those of you coming to camp today, I can't wait for you to see these shows! For those of you who sadly cannot attend, I know you'll be with us in spirit!

Signing off for the final time this session,