Blog: July 26th, 2018

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Hello, friends, family, and pets of Acting Manitou! This is Spencer, returning to you for my first blog of session two. I’m pleased to tell you about one of the most exciting days at camp: audition day! For those who may not know, here at AM every camper who wants to be in a show gets a part, so a lot of the normal stress of auditioning is thrown right out the window. And when the day starts with chocolate chip pancakes, nothing else could possibly get in our way.

After breakfast and warm-ups, we split into three groups to begin the first round of auditions. One group went to the lounge to visit with the play directors and read some monologues from Noises OffThe 39 Steps, and The Winter’s Tale. The second group kicked off the morning with a dance audition with Adam, the choreographer for Billy Elliot. The combination the campers learned was a mix of contemporary and ballet technique, so the campers could get a sense of the movement in Billyand Be More Chill. And in case that wasn’t enough of a taste, the third group also got to sing some cuts from both musicals with our music directors, Benji and Rachel. After singing, the campers also had their headshots and measurements taken so that the costume team can get a head start on their work.

We refueled with some mac and cheese, broccoli, and delicious leftover chicken fingers for lunch and then headed out for callbacks. In this round, there were five groups of campers, which travelled around to each show to work more closely with the show teams. I was lucky to be in the Be More Chill room and it was a joy to see the campers show off their astounding talents. We encouraged the campers to check in with each other during the day and to give each other their full support; my room was a shining example of how our campers build and grow our community in everything they do.

Finally, in the evening we were treated to the biggest and baddest evening activity of them all: Surprise Superprize Surprise! I could go on for hours explaining the ins and outs of such a groundbreaking event, so suffice to say it’s a bunk vs. bunk competition complete with dancing, shaving cream, and balancing Oreos on your head. Prizes were won by all and we closed the evening by heading back to the bunks to see the cast lists. And so, what felt like a long day came to an end, but we all know that this is just the beginning. 

- Spencer