Blog: July 27th, 2018

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Good Morning Acting Manitou community!

For those of you just joining us this session, I'm Margie, Head Counselor and Teaching Artist! Yesterday was a day of firsts, with the campers having their first elective class and first day of rehearsal! Before their first elective, campers went to a new Master Class, which gave them an opportunity to learn new skills and techniques from our incredibly talented directors. Campers then split off and went to their first elective class of the session. Camp was filled with creativity and excitement, as the campers dived into their electives with eagerness. Rachel's Sight Singing class started learning the fundamentals of reading sheet music, Justin's Monologues class learned about the structure and form of monologues, Spencer's Contact Improv class began exploring movement through space, Kyra's Physical Acting class went through various exercises that incorporated using your body to act in non-traditional ways, and Benji's Found Text class explored how "mundane" text- such as statistics or an ingredient list- can be used to tell a story.

After lunch and some downtime, campers went off to their first rehearsal! The first day of rehearsals is always such an exciting time for campers and the artistic and production teams! The first rehearsal is a chance for campers to learn more about the show they will be working on for the next two weeks, and to start bonding with their cast. Some shows did a read through of their script, whereas others jumped right in and began staging and learning music. Huge strides were already made in a mere three hours! I'm so excited to watch these shows come together over the next two weeks, and to see these characters be brought to life by the campers.

Campers enjoyed some cabin bonding during pool time due to some rain, and then ate some delicious raviolli with alfredo sauce for dinner (the perfect rainy day meal, if I do say so myself).

Yesterday's evening activity was a revamp of an old classic, Dance Dance Revolution Dance! Campers were split into groups and tasked with creating a minute long dance routine to a pre-assigned song. After choreographing and rehearsing, the campers arrived at the pavilion dressed in elaborate costumes to perform their dances. They were cheered on by their fellow campers, and given critique and praise by two fabulous sisters from Long Island, Lorraine and Debbie! The dances were high energy and fun, and the event allowed campers to work with other campers that they might not yet have known! After such a busy and exciting day, we powered down and then went off to bed. I for one am certainly so excited for all the "firsts" yet to come this session!

Wishing you all the best at home,