Blog: July 28th, 2018

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Hello Acting Manitou!

Gillian here, bringing you the blog for the first time this summer! For those of you who don’t know me, I am the Master Carpenter and CIT Director here at camp! Yesterday was a fun and packed day as the campers settled in to the second day of our regular camp schedule. Campers started out their morning in their elective classes, building on what they did the day before. Benji’s Found Text class took a trip into Waterville and visited the public library, while Justin’s Monologues class read monologues by Maria Irene Fornes — one of our esteemed cabin-playwrights — and where challenged to write a monologue of their own in Fornes’ style. After a yummy lunch of quesadillas (with guac!) and a bit of downtime, campers headed to their second day of rehearsal. The cast of The Winter’s Tale worked on blocking in the theater, Billy Elliot learned three songs and blocked two scenes (!!!), Be More Chill, The 39 Steps, and Noises Off continued to work on blocking and music in the rehearsal studios and outdoor amphitheaters. The tech campers were hard at work in the scene shop prepping the pieces for The Winter’s Tale set.

A passing thunderstorm cut waterfront short, but allowed the campers a chance to hangout with the bunkmates and relax. And while we love waterfront, this chill afternoon led us nicely into our evening activity — a relaxing night watching the award-winning film Coco! Tears fell, hearts were warmed, and all the campers were back in their bunks on the early side to get them prepared for the day to come.

All the shows and activities are already looking so great, I can’t wait to see what’s to come!

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