Blog: July 29th, 2018

Watermarked Jul-28-2018-67.jpg

Yesterday at Acting Manitou was EPIC! We started the day with a full camp warmup led by Chris. Moments where we can come together as a whole camp are special and it was fun to see the whole camp on the Great Lawn getting ready to conquer the day.

After a morning of classes we had an afternoon of rehearsals. It never ceases to astound us how quickly our campers bring their shows to life. In the Mini Amp the cast of 39 Steps was creating a train out of trunks while up the hill the sounds of Be More Chill and Billy Elliot echoed. The Winter's Tale and Noises Off continued exploring their shows, no two more different but equal in the amount of talent present in their casts. 

The evening held what is sure to be an historic moment in our story here at Acting Manitou. Enkoodabaoo, the spirit of Acting Manitou that supports the creative endeavors of our campers and staff, had their energy zapped by their evil sibling, Obakadoo. The gods of camp rallied the campers to save the spirit of Enkoodabaoo by challenging teams with various tasks around camp. Raindrop (Goddess of Weather), Bubbles (Fairy of Fun), Poppy (Spirit of the Party) and Hedwig (Keeper of the History) were all there to encourage the campers along the way.

In the end, Enkoodabaoo was saved and we celebrated with a festive evening of dancing and celebration as the sun set over the horizon. 

Truthfully, it's a pretty typical day here. But we certainly know not to take these kinds of typical days for granted. We are so thankful for the time we spend together here and are looking forward to making the most of these next two weeks!