Blog: July 3rd, 2018

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Hello from sunny (and hot!) Oakland, Maine.  Justin writing to you all today—I am the Producer this summer, as well as a long time staff member and camper alumnus myself!

Yesterday was a HUGE day for our campers, as it was our Audition Day!  It’s always a fun, wacky, positive day here at Acting Manitou and yesterday proved no exception.  The campers spent the morning rotating between 3 audition rooms—Monologues, Singing, and Dancing.  Here, our fabulous Directors and Artistic Staff got to see the campers strut their stuff and perform short excerpts from all 5 of our shows.

In the afternoon, after a hearty lunch of Mac and Cheese and Hot Dogs, the campers had some downtime, where we opened our pool so that they could decompress from the morning’s events. Then, it was back to the audition room! Campers split into five groups and rotated between all five of the shows that we are producing this session.  The Much Ado About Nothing room had campers exclaiming Shakespearean epithets at each other, while the Tuck Everlasting auditions gave campers another chance to sing from the show.  It was a busy afternoon for sure—that is, except for our tech campers who spent audition day lounging by the pool at the annual Tech Camper Pool Party.

In the evening, the campers participated in one of my favorite events—Surprise Super Prize Surprise. This evening activity, a mainstay of Acting Manitou for a few years now, has campers competing in zany tasks and games in order to win prizes for their bunk.  Highlights included a watermelon eating competition, a water balloon toss, and a game called cookie head, in which campers had to stack Oreos on the foreheads of their teammates.  Isaiah Wood took home the limbo competition after a heated race with Danica Dowie and Shantia Das.  A game called “Bite That Bag” ended in a fierce showdown of flexibility—Michael Karnaukh pulled out a stunning win barely edging out equally impressive candidates Gogo Atallah and Grace Keeping.  The evening concluded with the seminal favorite, “Tape Those Tongs,” won by none other than our very own Susan Robinson-Cloete.

The evening concluded with the posting of our cast lists.  Campers were so excited to see what show they will be performing in this summer and are looking forward to their first rehearsal this afternoon!

That’s all for now!

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