Blog: July 31st, 2018

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Good Morning, Acting Manitou! I am writing this as we prepare to take off on Trip Day, but more about that tomorrow! For now, a little glimpse into what yesterday held…

Yesterday morning brought plenty of blue skies and sunshine for us here in Maine. After breakfast and inspection (oddly the biggest hit at Acting Manitou this session) we headed out for Production and Elective Classes. We are coming up on the end of our first round of electives and the classes are beginning to take what they have been learning about Dance, Physical Theater, Sight-Singing and the like, and decide what they will share with camp at the Elective Presentations in a few nights. Today the Scenic Design production class displayed models of their work, based around designing a musical. 

This afternoon and evening were both rehearsal for casts of our five shows,and time to get a lot of building done in the shops. We’ve been going strong with rehearsals since Thursday and today gave us the opportunity to go strong at the end of a rewarding week. Spirits are high as each cast has accomplished so much in this first short stretch and campers are looking forward to tomorrow’s trip day as a chance to refill their wells before we go into the final rehearsal stretch before Tech Week!

Until next time friends, have a great day!