Blog: July 4th, 2018

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Greetings Acting Manitou Family & Friends! 

My name is Kyra Tantao. I am a Teaching Artist & the Evening Activities Director and I am here reporting for blog duty! 

Yesterday, our beautiful morning started with another round of morning warm ups. Campers have been rotating through each class the past few days to get a taste of each warmup. When we were feeling warm and ready for the day, campers headed to another rotation of their master classes. 

After the first class of the day, campers got to experience their first elective class! Yay! In Andrew’s stage combat class, campers learned the beginning steps of their fight sequence. In Margie’s Musical Theatre Dance class, campers had the opportunity to learn the choreography for the song “Too Darn Hot” from the musical ‘Kiss Me Kate.’ I was also very excited to teach my first elective class, a crash course in theatrical devising called ‘Theatre Ensemble.’ My students learned how to do a ‘Three Part Warmup,’ which we will be doing at the beginning of every class, and they also began creating mini plays based off of writing prompts and inspiration from our surroundings. 

After a delicious grilled cheese lunch, it was time for the first day of rehearsals! In the Spelling Bee room, campers got to read through the play and read the script for the first time. Pride & Prejudice began learning the song and choreography for an opening number, an exciting new addition to the beloved and classic play. Our tech campers worked with Master Carpenter, Gillian, and began base painting platforms and ladders for She Kills Monsters. 

Yesterday was definitely ‘Too Darn Hot,’ so campers were very excited to take a refreshing dip into the pool to cool off and relax after rehearsal. 

At dinner, we announced the evening activity, SHARK TANK!!! Campers worked in teams to create a brand new invention using only the items inside of their bunks. They were then prompted to pitch their newly created invention to a team of investors, played by fight choreographer Andrew, and musical directors Bob, & Griffin. Hwang’s invention of the “portable shower” pleased the investors the most and were the winners of the evening. The prize? One MILLION DOLLARS! (Or maybe just pride and glory.) 

After a quick power down, the campers headed back to their cabins to rest up for another amazing day at camp. 


Signing off :)