Blog: July 6th, 2018


Hello, AM friends and family! Spencer here, back for a second round of blogging on what may be the coolest day we’ve had at camp this summer. The last few days have been hot enough to score us some extra pool time, but I know we’re all grateful for the heat to have broken.

            Yesterday was one of our more typical days—if such a day even exists at camp! We started off with some scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns, providing us with the energy needed to clean our bunks and head to warm-ups. Nothing signals the beginning of a new day like the tuneful sounds of the voice and body warm-up group running through their routine of the “taco salad” song (a song sung by multiple groups in canon using lyrics about, well, tacos). The rest of the morning featured another round of master classes and production classes and I was lucky enough to jump into Adam’s contact improv class with the BAM group. We learned that contact improv is a dance technique that explores the relationship between bodies in space. First, we explored contact with unmoving objects through a number of exercises where we rolled across the floor in different ways. By the end of class we graduated to “low tables,” where one person rolls over the back of their partner who is on their hands on knees. All of us in the class found the exercises to be deceptively challenging and we came away with a newfound idea of what our bodies are capable of.

            After another round of rehearsals and a double dose of pool time, we were treated to one of my favorite evening activities at camp: a dance! This one was space-themed, complete with glowing alien balloons and extraterrestrial tapestries; it even included booths like tarot card reading and face painting. We held the dance out on the great lawn at the gazebo to combat the stifling heat we would have stirred up in the pavilion with all our dancing, which meant we were treated to a beautiful sunset as the event came to an end. After a song from Jeremy in the big amp, the campers headed back to the hill and into their bunks where they were finally able to rest easy knowing cooler temperatures were on the horizon. With almost a full week of camp in the books, we can’t wait to dive deeper into our classes and our work on the shows!

Until next time,