Blog: July 7th, 2018

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Good morning Acting Manitou community!

Yesterday we awoke to a beatiful, temperate morning. After several days of a heat wave, it was refreshing to awake to a much needed cool morning. Campers spent the morning returning to their production classes and electives. The campers resumed learning about the "behind the scenes" work that the production staff does, and continued to get hands on experience in the fields of lighting, set design, construction, sewing, and more! The campers then went off to their penultimate elective class, where they began preparing for elective presentations tonight! Elective presentations are an opportunity for campers to present to their peers and the staff all of the progress that they've made in their elective classes this week. I can't wait to see all of these campers share their passions and see what they've been working on!

After a satisfying lunch, campers had a bit of downtime as well as a chance to enjoy the beautiful weather by the pool. They then went off to rehearsals, which are well underway. “She Kills Monsters” continued working on stage combat and began playing with their outdoor set, “Pride and Prejudice” embraced the cooler weather and had their first rehearsal in the big amphitheatre- where they will be performing- and “Tuck Everlasting” finished up the opening number and then did a read through of the entire show.

Last night we debuted a brand new evening activity, called Acting Manitou Presents: Project Next Top Runway Idol Race! It was a multifaceted performance oriented activity, where campers were randomly assigned groups, and were tasked with creating a dance and lip sync performance to an pre-assigned pop song. After creating elaborate choreography and perfecting their lip syncing, the campers got dressed up in costume, to really make their performance shine. The campers were evaluated by an esteemed panel of judges, Claus von Muten and Hannah Simore. Our highly qualified and unique judges gave commentary on the groups’ performances, while also giving each group the opportunity to ask them silly questions. It was a fun night where campers got to collaborate with other campers who they might not yet have known, all while creating lighthearted pieces of theatre.

Overall it was an incredibly productive day, where campers were diligently working towards several personal and community goals!

Until next time,