Blog: July 8th, 2018


Greetings Acting Manitou Community!

Justin here today—writing to you from the office porch in beautiful, breezy Oakland, Maine.  Yesterday proved another full day at Acting Manitou, jam-packed with classes, rehearsals, and the requisite shenanigans that a theater camp entails.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the day was that GOTCHA officially started.  For those that do not know, Gotcha is a time-honored tradition here at Acting Manitou—a game of stealth, daring, and socks.  In short, each camper has someone else at camp that they need to “get” by hitting that person with a pair of socks.  The game continues until one camper remains.  I love Gotcha season at camp because it’s perfectly normal to start your morning by watching campers sprint around Pinter Puddle hurling pairs of tube socks at each other.  In fact, yesterday around lunchtime, I witnessed a sneak attack Gotcha on past champion Kiera Parker, who was taken fully by surprise when a pair of socks went flying her way as she approached the Pavilion.

The evening brought another incredible Acting Manitou tradition, this time of a much less athletic variety.  All week, campers have been attending elective classes to learn about different fields of the creative arts.  Last night, each class presented what they’ve been working on, which took many different forms depending on the class.  Margie’s Musical Theater Dance class performed fierce routines from musicals such as Kiss Me Kate and—for a more modern twist—Mean Girls: The Musical. Bob’s Songwriting class and my Monologue Writing class had campers presenting original works that they had written over the past week.  Elective Presentations are always a great way for the camp to come together and appreciate the power of creativity and the uniqueness of this community to which we all are so lucky to belong.

That’s all for now!  I might go raid the Pavilion and see what snacks were left out.  Perhaps I’ll find a spare Whoopie Pie!