Blog: July 9th, 2018


Hello Acting Manitou family and friends! Kyra here, excited to be reporting for blog duty again!

Yesterday was a very special Manitou day. A tradition we’ve been practicing for many, many years. Perhaps you’ve heard of it…it was LAZY SUNDAY! That’s right folks. We’ve already been here an entire week (time goes by fast when you’re having a blast!), which means Lazy Sunday was here and in full motion. The first, and perhaps my favorite part of Lazy Sunday was the rolling omelette breakfast. Campers had the opportunity to sleep in and come to breakfast at any time they like between 8:30 and 9:30am. Once they arrived to the pavilion, they were greeted by our amazing directors and artistic staff cooking them omelettes and breakfast! It was absolutely delicious.

Once breakfast ended, it was time for campers to attend their first round of Counselor Lead Workshops. Our incredible team of counselors each had a class or activity they got to share with a small group of campers. Some of the classes included a crash course in Commedia dell'arte lead by Dan, an extraterrestrial investigation called ‘ALIENS' lead by Madison and Aiden, and a spa station lead by Emma and Jada where campers made organic, all-natural face masks and took a relaxing break with some peppermint epsom salt foot baths.

After the first round of workshops, the pool was open early for some lazing by the water. This was a time campers also had to wind down in their bunks and work on memorizing lines. Then it was off to lunch.

Lunch was followed by the second round of workshops lead by the counselors. Some more of these included ‘Prancercizing,' a prancing, dancing, exercising around campus class lead by Chanel, 'Splish Splash Newsies', a class where Niamh and Jonathan choreographed a number from the musical Newsies for the campers to learn in the pool, and a class lead by Tyler where campers invented and worked on brand new fictional characters.

Later, the entire camp gathered on the great lawn for some T-Shirt tie-dying, lawn games, twister, and more. It was a great opportunity for everyone to bond as a camp together while doing some awesome activities.

After dinner, our evening activity was an outdoor screening of the fan favorite film, Shrek 2. Campers wore pajamas and brought sleeping bags over to the gazebo and sat on the lawn to enjoy the movie. After a meditative power down, the campers headed back to their cabins for some sleep before having another amazing day at camp.

Signing off!