Blog: August 1st, 2018

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Good morning everyone!

Margie here again to report about one of the most amazing days at camp, trip day! One day per session we take a break from our regular routine of camp life and venture out into Maine for a day of fun activities. We had a jam packed day filled with three incredibly exciting activities!

After eating breakfast, we loaded up onto buses and headed out to stop number one on our trip, the Bangor Cinema to watch Mamma Mia 2! We were lucky enough to have our own private screening of the smash hit movie of the summer, and the campers were treated to unlimited popcorn and beverages! The excitement in the movie theater was palpable, and campers enjoyed singing along to the hit songs of ABBA. The movie was a true delight, and I highly recommend that those of you at home see it if you get the chance! We then took a quick trip down the road to a local park, where we refueled with some packed sandwiches, chips, Nutri-Grain bars, and juice! Then we once again loaded onto the bus for our next destination, Bar Harbor! Bar Harbor is an adorable and quirky coastal Maine town, and it is filled with knick-knack shops, restaurants, and ice cream stores! Campers split into small groups- led by our incredible counselors- and had three full hours to explore all that Bar Harbor has to offer. After a few hours of shopping, eating, and buying souvenirs for friends and family, we traveled to our final destination (and my favorite one of the night), the one and only, Timber Tina's Great Maine Lumberjack Show! It's hard to put into words how insane and wonderful this show is, and my description alone cannot do it justice. The show features twelve exciting lumberjack competitions, such as axe throwing, log rolling, chopping, pole climbing, and more! The campers shouted "Yo-Ho!" as they cheered on these strong and talented athletes, and watched in amazement at all of the various activities the lumberjacks had to compete in. It truly is an event unlike any other, and something that you can't find anywhere else! After getting autographs from the lumberjacks (and Tina herself!), we traveled back to camp and headed promptly to bed.

It was a fun and exciting day, and I'm so glad that the campers were able to enjoy three wildly different activities!

Until next time, Yo-ho!