Blog: August 3rd, 2018

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Hello Acting Manitou Friends and Family!

Justin here today.  I can’t believe that tech week is rapidly approaching and the summer is coming to a close.  It feels just yesterday we were all arriving in sunny Maine ready for a full summer of theatre making and camp counseling.  But all good things must come to an end I suppose, and there’s plenty of things still to come up here at Acting Manitou!

In lieu of a traditional blog post, I thought today I’d share some moments from yesterday—some fleeting images—of what transpired during the day.  If you were to roam the campus of Acting Manitou yesterday, you might have encountered:

-Lola H. and Sara L. enacting a hysterical death scene as a part of The 39 Steps in the Mini Amp.

-A chorus line of ballerinas stepping completely in sync at Billy Elliot rehearsal.

-Charlotte S. and Frankie B. going full out for their sardine lazzi in Noises Off .

-Campers scarfing down chocolate chip pancakes—a camp meal favorite.

-A pool time dance party (thanks counselors for the tunes!)

-Elective pitches for our second round of electives.  The classes are super diverse and exciting this round—we’re offering everything from song writing to Blueberry picking to a class about sports and theater!

-The annual Enkoodabao festival—our camper showcase.  This was the real highlight of the day.  Acts included: Eden G. belting out a Lake Street Dive song, Lilly S. sharing fun facts about different topics on the spot, a barbershop quartet performance courtesy of the Churchill bunk, a medley of songs from Frozen, and many more!

-A post-Enkoodabao dance party that had campers and staff boogieing their way back to the bunks for a night of rest.

That’s all for now! All is well in Maine and we can’t wait to see you all in a week for our Festival Day!