Blog: August 4th, 2018

Watermarked Aug-03-2018-54.jpg

Hey there AM Friends! Yesterday was another incredibly productive day here at Acting Manitou. Morning elective classes met for the second time. Sounds of singing soared down the hill while shouts of laughter rang from the studios. Campers in the Blueberry Bonanza class went off camp to pick fresh blueberries that they will cook into a Blueberry Buckle for the whole camp to enjoy. 

Before lunch, our famous game of Gotcha! came to an end with the final circle. Jack P. claimed the championship ring with a glorious final throw of the socks. The game is intense, with many campers trying their hardest to avoid being "Got" and others working just as actively to "Get" as many others as they can. But in the end, one winner and all, it is fun above anything else!

The afternoon rehearsals brought designer runs for Be More Chill and Noises Off. Casts are letting designers come see what the show looks like in order to prepare for tech rehearsals. Tech campers were there as well with insightful questions and ideas. 

The evening activity was one of our favorite moments, when our oldest campers (CITs) take the reins and devise short pieces of theater around camp in small groups. Seeing campers we have known for years, some as long as nine, mature into thoughtful theater artists is so moving for our staff and the pieces they make show joy and compassion we hope they will take with them into their year ahead. 

It's coming down to the final week of camp and it is always bittersweet. But we take it as an opportunity to slow down, take advantage of moments of stillness and friendship, and cherish each sunrise and sunset here in Maine.