Blog: August 5th, 2018

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Happy Sunday, AM friends! This is Spencer, back for a blog for the first time in a while. I trust my blogging partners have been keeping you entertained. Let’s jump into yesterday’s festivities!

We kicked the day off in the best way I know how: breakfast sandwiches. With our bellies full of croissants we headed off to our second meeting of our elective classes. I’m teaching a new elective this summer called Theater of Sport and the campers with me have been rearing to go as we dive into the relationship between, as you guessed, theater and sports. Lesley’s elective went off to the Skowhegan farmers market while other campers continued plugging away at their songs for Rachel’s class, Songwriting for the Stage. If you visited for our first show day or have been keeping up with our blogs, you know that we are very excited about our CIT showcase, where our oldest campers get to perform a piece of their choosing. We are so lucky to have former camper and music director extraordinaire, Benji, helping our CITs craft their performances. 

The afternoon brought a regularly scheduled rehearsal, but some rainy weather caused pool time to be cancelled. Nonetheless, we soldiered on through downtime to dinner, where our campers arrived in character as per invitations they had received earlier in the day. The characters dined together after which we moved right into our evening activity, which appeared to be a party for eccentric individuals. All was well and good until someone fell ill and the campers found themselves smack in the middle of an all-time classic evening activity: murder mystery! We had time to get to know each of the characters and even time to sleuth for clues. By the end of the evening, the murderer was discovered and we all celebrated our detective work by enjoying some time on the hill by the bunks before bed. 

As I finish my post, we’re kicking off our last lazy Sunday of the summer and the campers are all putting in extra time to memorize lines and review dances. Tune back in tomorrow to hear about Darren’s stage makeup class and our second (?!) Gotcha circle of death!