Blog: August 6th, 2018

Hey AM Family! It's so hard to believe we are in the final week of our 16th Summer! Yesterday was filled with Director Breakfast, Counselor Led Workshops that gave campers a taste of Commedia, Prancercize, A Capella and more, and Dance! The Stranger Things themed dance brought campers outside under the Maine sunset for a gorgeous evening of boogying, face painting and more. It was an incredible end to a gorgeous day!

This session, we asked each of our directors 5 Questions about the play they are directing. During our tech week, when much of our attention turns to producing our visiting day festival, we thought we would let our blog focus on introducing you to our directors and maybe give you a little peek behind the scenes before you visit! First up...


The 39 Steps
Directed by Margot de la Barre

1. What drew you to The 39 Steps?
I was drawn to the combination of physical comedy and 30's film noir in 39 Steps. It seems like such a strange combination, but the two styles come together to create something really special.

2. What has been a surprise you’ve had in the rehearsal room?
Because of the nature of this show, almost everyone has multiple roles to play, and they are usually drastically different. I was worried, initially, that my cast would be disappointed that they didn't have a through-line in the show with one character... but I was pleasantly surprised at how excited they've been to have the opportunity to show lots of different characters all in one show!

3. What about doing this play here at Acting Manitou is exciting for you?
It's been exciting to take a show that's typically done in a theater and stage it in an outdoor space. We get to use different terrains and the benefit of nighttime to tell our story.

4. What have you learned so far this session by working with your cast?
I've learned a lot about cast collaboration. 39 Steps is the type of show where every cast member depends heavily on the other ten - not only for the scene work, but also to create the set around them. This has been my first experience with this type of collaborative theatre and I've enjoyed watching this group of campers come together to create a performance that is uniquely their own.

5. What play would you like to see done at Acting Manitou?
Hmmm... Cinderella (the musical), and Arsenic & Old Lace