Blog: August, 7th, 2018

Hello Acting Manitou! We are here! Tech week of our final shows for 2018. Everyone's spirits are high as we put together the work of our performance, tech and music campers in anticipation of your arrival. 

Yesterday marked our last day of "typical" camp activities. Elective classes (our second round) wrapped up with a final class and an evening of presentations that included busting' moves choreography, original songs by our songwriting class, blueberry buckle and Theater of Sport and Pop Stars/Politics insights. These evenings are so special to us as they are a chance for us to look beyond even the shows of festival day and see how many different types of theater there are to be made and how many ways of being a theater artist there are in the world. We were incredibly proud to be among all the artists we call campers.

Now, to continue with yesterday's series, an insight into the process of the director who brought us Pride and Prejudice in Session 1 and this session is helming Noises Off...


Noises Off
directed by Jeremy Johnson

1. What drew you to Noises Off
I've wanted to do a "door-slamming farce" for a long time, and Noises Off is one of the best. I still laugh out loud when I read it.

2. What has been a surprise you’ve had in the rehearsal room?
I've been amazed at how effortlessly funny the cast is.

3. What about doing this play here at Acting Manitou is exciting for you?
Campers at AM have a lot of energy and enthusiasm, and a comedy like Noises Off demands both, so I'm very excited to see them put it all together!

4. What have you learned so far this session by working with your cast?
Repetition is often better than anything the director has to say.

5. What play would you like to see done at Acting Manitou?
It might sound nuts, but I actually think campers could put on an amazing Chekhov play.


As a treat, here is a picture of Jeremy proving he is not afraid of being just as funny and wacky as his cast.