Blog: August 8th, 2018

Onward and upward we go! Day 1 of tech is behind us and Day 2 promises to bring plenty more fun and surprises for our casts, crews and musicians as our design team and tech campers work diligently on our festival. It is always a good reminder that while these casts have rehearsed for two weeks, our designers and tech campers have three days in which to see all of their ideas come to fruition. Their work is integral to our theater making and story telling and we make sure to acknowledge how time, location, mood and theme are carried equally by actor and designer. Can't wait to share it all with you!

Now, for Director number three in our series. This one is very special as it is a spotlight on our founder Steve Borowka! 


Billy Elliot
directed by Steve Borowka

1. What drew you to Billy Elliot?
I've always loved the story of Billy Elliot and I think it aligns perfectly with our mission. The idea of being true to yourself even in times of difficulty is a relatable theme to many campers.

2. What has been a surprise you’ve had in the rehearsal room?
Not really a surprise, but a reminder that our campers are triple threats. There is so much dancing in this show and our campers are so good! They sing, act, and dance - I am so impressed by their skills.

3. What about doing this play here at Acting Manitou is exciting for you?
I love doing a show that relies on dance as part of the storytelling. It's very exciting to see movement play such an intricate part of the plot. I also love how this play breaks gender stereotypes and defies gender norms.

4. What have you learned so far this session by working with your cast?
They love doing British accents!

5. What play would you like to see done at Acting Manitou?
We've sort of joked about it over the years, but I think CATS might actually be a great camp show.