Blog: August 9th, 2018

Is the anticipation setting in yet? We cannot wait to share these shows with you! We are pretty good at keeping the highlights of design and performance a bit of a surprise so today we bring you another Director Q&A!


The Winter's Tale
directed by Monica Flory

1. What drew you to The Winter's Tale?
I love the weirdness of The Winter's Tale: two contrasting worlds, a statue coming to life and of course "exit, pursued by a bear." I was excited to think about time and forgiveness in the context of this strange world.

2. What has been a surprise you’ve had in the rehearsal room?
I'm surprised by how quickly and definitively we landed on our version's central question: can anyone be forgiven, with enough time?

3. What about doing this play here at Acting Manitou is exciting for you?
It gives me so much hope to do this play here now, because in The Winter's Tale, the younger generation corrects some of the mistakes made by the older generation. Of course I wish the same thing for all of us, so watching young actors play these roles moves me deeply.

4. What have you learned so far this session by working with your cast?
All casts take on their own group personality, and this group is particularly collaborative and thoughtful. They are teaching me to ask more of them, because they are brave and they can meet any challenge.


5. What play would you like to see done at Acting Manitou?
I'm excited for the day that "Wicked" comes to camp, because the performers will kill it.