The Magic of Camp: A Counselor's Thoughts

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Summer camp is truly the most unique of environments. At no other point in life will people return, year after year, to the same spot for such a short period of time, and slowly but surely, come into their own personality. Being able return for my second summer as a counselor this year, I got the opportunity to re-meet those campers who grew and matured in ways I couldn’t have imagined over the school year. Therein lies one of the most magical elements of camp: coming back to see how those you love have changed and to see how you yourself have grown. Not until I come back to camp am I allowed a moment of reflection to turn inward and understand my emotions more clearly. The school year is so full of work, stress and planning, we rarely have time to appreciate the good things in life, let alone reflect on how we are doing or take stock of our emotions. Here, at Acting Manitou, campers and staff alike are given the chance to unplug for three to six weeks and gain a better understanding of who they are and how they fit into the world.

The transcendent and infinite powers of camp are alive in the work I do…

Will Blumberg, Counselor

Will Blumberg, Counselor

Along with strengthening relationships with campers every summer, counselors are allowed the privilege to help make camp happen. Ever since I was a camper, I knew there was something special about camp, something magical. As it turns out, that magic is simply the work of a dedicated team of individuals who tirelessly make camp run and create a welcoming environment for all. Leading warm-ups, building sets, creating elaborate evening activities… it all combines into what we hope will be an unforgettable experience for the campers. Although I am now a part of Acting Manitou Staff, for me, the magic of camp is still alive. It lives in the moments of pure joy on a child’s face, or the turning point in rehearsal when a scene finally realizes it’s full potential and the weight of it ripples through the cast. The magic of camp exists in the cheers of the campers for one another at the talent show, in short pieces of theatre created by our oldest campers on one of the last nights of camp or in the beauty of every Maine sunset. The transcendent and infinite powers of camp are alive in the work I do, and it is my great honor to bring that magic to every camper’s summer experience.