Express Yourself: Design a Sticker

At camp we LOVE self expression. Whether it’s in how I dress, what song I sing (even when I am simply walking across camp), or the name I decide to be called, camp is the place where there is room for trying out new, and often radical, forms of self-expression.

What sticker will you design? Check out these vinyl stickers at  Sticker Mule !

What sticker will you design? Check out these vinyl stickers at Sticker Mule!

Back in default (school, work) I sometimes have to change the ways I express myself to conform with the agreements of those communities. I benefit from these communities and the sacrifice is hopefully small, but camp is always special. A place where I can be my unedited and BEST self.

But one thing in my life never fails to hold on to the camp way of life and that, hold for it, is my water bottle. (I’m not kidding!) Year after year, it accrues sticker after sticker from camp. They all pile on until there is no more room left to stick to. My water bottle has no limit to self expression!

This is where we are super excited! If YOU could design a new sticker for Acting Manitou, what would it look like? What would it say? How would it express Joy, Creativity, Gratitude, or Community? We want to see your designs! They can be any shape or design because Sticker Mule makes these awesome vinyl stickers that can be cut to any shape!

Send ideas to and you never know, maybe you’ll see your sticker making the rounds next summer on my water bottle!