A Monday of Moments

IMG_0665July 13th was a very exciting day at Acting Manitou full of fun and creativity. The day began as usual with our normal breakfast and inspection. Then, instead of having class, the campers headed to the first of two rehearsals of the day. The morning rehearsals were 2 hours long, so after there was a little time for the campers to have some pre-lunch downtime. Then, after lunch, our game of Gotcha! finally came to a close with a ceremony we know as the "circle of death". Here, the entire camp forms a circle around those who are still "active" in Gotcha!, where the players try to hit each other with socks and the last one standing wins! The players all fought adamantly, but ultimately it was Maya Rubin who walked home as the Gotcha! champion. After an exciting conclusion to lunch, the campers had some down time before heading to their second rehearsal. The shows are all really coming together nicely. Monday was the last day of having rehearsal just the cast, as now tech week has begun and more formal elements will be introduced to the rehearsals. After the rehearsals, the campers headed to a much appreciated waterfront to cool off after a hot day. After waterfront, the campers had one of the most hotly anticipated dinners of the session: The lobster bake! Here, each camper can get a full lobster to eat, or more, and if they do not like lobsters there were also hot dogs, hamburgers, veggie burgers, and mashed potatoes available. After eating outside, the campers all really this lobster feast and were ready for the evening activity.

Last night's evening activity was a tradition known as CIT moments. Here, the camp was broken into 6 groups, one for each CIT, and together they would create a 2-3 minute theatrical piece. This activity is designed for collaboration, but ultimately it is the CIT's who lead their group and whose vision is being fulfilled. Watching this activity come together was a ton of fun, and it really reminded me of the power and ingenuity that can come from our campers. Going around and viewing the presentations was a magical experience, and everyone seemed proud of the work they created.

After the moments and a long day, everyone was sufficiently tired, so it was an early light's out as the campers got ready for tech week to officially begin!