Acting Manitou T-Shirt Day 2015!

IMG_5871 Hello October!

We hope everyone is enjoying their start to the fall season.

As many of you know October 15th is our annual Acting Manitou Day where we encourage everyone to wear their Acting Manitou t-shirts with pride! Since this day is the last official day for early bird registration, and marking the true beginning of our off season, we like to wear our shirts with dignity as we enter the fall/winter months.

Feel free to wear your oldest, newest, favorite-est, funniest, etc.. T-shirt and snap a photo!

Our favorite part of this day is how many photos campers/alumni/staff send us! This year, we will be sure to repost and feature as many of your photos as we can on all of our social media platforms! Remember, we will only be able to repost photos that have us tagged (@actingmanitou) or have used the hashtag: #AMDay15

This year we wanted to have a little bit more fun on this great day... So we've come up with a challenge for all you AM-ers out there! Here's the challenge:

1. Put on your Acting Manitou T-shirt

2. Plan your idea for your photo, we want you to be as creative as possible!

3. Take that awesome photo on October 15th! Remember: creativity will get you far!

4. Post that photo with the hashtag: #AMDay15 and/or tag us @actingmanitou

*The photo must be posted on Oct. 15th!

5. Once you have done those steps, we will keep track of which creative photo is getting the MOST likes! This challenge will go until Saturday, October 17th to give you ample amount of time to acquire those likes!

Now your job is to find your photo, get your friends to "like" it and/or like the photo you think is the most creative!

By Saturday night Oct. 17thwe will announce winners in these 3 categories:

Returning campers (Not 2016 CITs)

Prize: You will get to know who has you in "Gotcha" next summer!

2016 CITs

Prize:  An Acting Manitou Keychain!


Prize: A free t-shirt that says STAFF or ALUMNI on it!

**October 15th also marks the final day of our early bird registration in which you get $150 dollars off of your 2016 registration! If you are unsure of which session to attend, you have until April 1, 2016 to alter your registration. Sign up now to save later!