Adventuring through Belfast

IMG_9038 Hello readers!

We have had quite the eventful past two days. Since yesterday was our wonderful trip day, we did not have time to fill you in on the day before. Like our lazy Sunday, we do not have rehearsal on trip day. So, the day before, directors caught up on blocking and gave assignments to be fully memorized on the material blocked by the time today’s rehearsal begins. Campers brought scripts with them on our trip day adventures, and on the bus there were many show tunes being sung by people in the Bring It On and Little Shop of Horrors casts.

The evening activity was one lead by director Chris Murrah, which involved campers dressing their counselors up as though they were 37 years older than they are now. We had an Acting Manitou 50 year reunion in which counselors gave superlatives to their campers and campers had to guess the correct answer or else… The counselor got slimed! Everyone had a great time and there was much sliming to be had.

Then everyone headed to bed and prepared for trip day!

Our trip day was full of fun and adventure. First we all had breakfast and packed up our bathing suits to head over to Camp Manitou next door to hangout on their lake. In addition, campers had an opportunity to climb Manitou’s rope course. We spent the whole morning at the lake, another counselor and I headed the kayak trips in which campers could use two person kayaks and paddle out to a corner of the lake and come back. However, the wind picked up and we decided to call it a day with the kayaks. Campers swam in the roped off section of the lake and then we were called in to have burgers and hot dogs for lunch which Tim, Chris, and Gillian had grilled. I did help with grilling the veggie dogs, but I can hardly call that work seeing as it went by quickly and no one had a keen interest in said veggie dogs.

After lunch we stopped by the basketball court for a traditional game of knock out and headed back to our camp to change and head over to Belfast!

In Belfast we first took a quick two-mile hike next to a river to commune with nature a bit more before we communed with civilization in town. A smaller group chose to take a longer hike of an extra two miles with Tim and Yesinia while the majority of camp headed into town. Campers divided into groups and chose counselors to go with them to find dinner and maybe do a bit of souvenir shopping. There was a quaint little bookshop that we all stopped in and an old-fashioned ice cream parlor for dessert!

Then at 8pm we loaded the bus back up and headed home! By the end of the day, campers were exhausted from running around, but energized to get back into rehearsals!