AM T-Shirt Day Challenge Update

IMG_8066 Hi all,

We loved the results from Acting Manitou Day on the 15th! Seeing everyone's photos were inspiring, and it was great to reconnect!

As promised, we kept track of all of the likes from all photos posted because let's face it, they were all creative! While tallying up the number of likes and looking through all of the photos, it was hard to commit to one winner, but here are the results!

Returning camper: Niamh O'Donovan

2016 CIT: Grace Ferrera

Alumni: *Tied* Daniel Caragiulo and Fiona Kirkland

Staff Member: Sara Hinkley

Thank you to everyone who participated and made AM Day a success! Stay tuned for more challenges in this off season!

We will contact all of the winners about shipping their prizes.