Audition Day!

IMG_7184 June 29th marked one of the most hectic, nerve-wracking, exciting, and ultimately fun, days of the session: Audition Day. Yesterday was the day when the campers auditioned for every show, and ultimately found out what they will be doing for the next 3 weeks.

The morning began typically with the usual breakfast, inspection, and warm-ups. Then, the campers began their audition cycle. In the morning, the campers are split into three groups. One group does a singing audition, one group does an acting audition, and one group does a dancing audition. Then, these groups rotate until lunch. I was lucky enough to travel around with the campers and watch them audition, and I personally was blown away by their talent, energy, and genuine support of one another. In the singing audition, campers either sang a selection of "Suddenly, Seymour" from Little Shop of Horrors or "I Got You" from Bring It On. In the acting rotation, campers performed a monologue from either Twelfth Night, Curiouser/CURIOUSER, or The Adventure of Tom Sawyers. In the dancing audition, the campers did a small piece of choreography from Bring It On, in addition to a little cheer. These morning auditions are a great opportunity for the campers to have fun performing, while allowing the directors to get a general idea of how they could possibly utilize them in shows.

After lunch and a little much needed down time, the campers begun their afternoon rotation of auditions. Here, the campers are broken up into five groups, one for each show, and perform specific material for each show. This session allows the campers to become more familiar with the individual shows, and though this process is long, the campers all had great attitudes, capitalizing on the one opportunity to really be in each of the five shows.

After a long day of auditions, campers were ready to unwind, and luckily for them we had our first waterfront of the session! Before they could unwind though, there was a small swim test, but then there was ample time to relax and enjoy the nice weather.

After waterfront, the campers went to dinner where they were joined by some mysterious creatures and characters. After dinner, they learned that these characters were an aspect of the evening activity, entitled "THE LIST". Here, the campers embarked on an epic adventure, sometimes colloquially referred to as a scavenger hunt, to please these characters and attain eternal glory. In addition to the glory, the winners of THE LIST would receive one skipped inspection (as would the first and second runner-ups), a glory ride on the golf cart, the privilege of knowing who has them in "Gotcha" (a camp-wide competition that will be explained in greater detail very soon), and finally the honor of pushing camp directors Tim and Steve into the pool.

The results of the competition were revealed over a camp-wide campfire, complete with s'mores, where it was revealed that Wilder had won the competition. The evening activity proved to be not only a fun activity for the campers, but as they were competing in bunks, a great bonding experience, and ultimately, a great distraction as the campers waited for cast lists.

After the campfire the campers were sent back to their bunks, where shortly after the cast lists were posted. The campers were all thrilled by the announcement, and though some were more pleased with their roles than others, all seemed to know they were in for a great experience with their shows.