Audition Day (July 23, 2015)


Hello everyone!

It’s a beautiful Manitou morning, and it is our first day of rehearsals!

Yesterday was audition day, and it was a very busy day. In the morning all of the campers rotated between a singing room, a dancing room, and a monologue room. In the afternoon everyone had a callback for all five shows. All the campers tried their best and every single one of them was fantastic. It was so incredible to watch all of the campers audition, we have so many talented people at this camp.

Last night, while the directors were putting together the cast lists, we played a round of Surprise Super Prize Surprise. Now, for those of you who do not know what that game is, it is a camp wide game show in which campers compete by bunk to win fabulous prizes. Last nights challenges included a water balloon toss, bobbing for cherries in a plate of whipped cream, giving counselors makeovers with shaving cream, and many other fun activities. In the end everyone was a winner because we all had a blast.

This morning, after warm ups, campers will have their first elective classes. And then this afternoon we will have our first rehearsals. This is a very exciting time because campers will get to meet everyone in their casts, and learn more about their shows and their characters.

Now that rehearsals are starting campers can really immerse themselves fully in the Acting Manitou experience, and we know they are going to love every second of it.

- Amanda