Audition Workshops!

IMG_5895What a great day we had yesterday! Campers started the day with a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausages (yum!) and filled themselves up to be ready for the long day ahead of them. After breakfast they all cleaned their bunks for inspection, where a senior staff member comes to give a grade based on how clean and tidy the bunk has been made. All the campers work together to make their bunk as shiny as possible, and some may try to woo inspectors with songs, dance performances, or flowers. After inspection the campers got to try out different morning warm-ups, with one group attending Theater Games and Body and Voice while the other did Yoga. Today they will rotate, and by tomorrow they will have picked one to attend each morning.

The end of warm-ups lead to the first day of classes for campers. Each class is taught by one of our fantastic teaching artists who will also teach electives in the days to come.

After a delicious and healthy lunch, campers had their daily hour of downtime, wherein many of the campers took advantage of the lovely sunny weather and played or relaxed outside. Some campers showed their skills on our newly built ping-pong tables, while others read in the sunlight.

The afternoon brought a "Show Q-and-A" where the directors of this session's five shows took questions and discussed their ideas with the campers, who all walked away informed and excited for this season of theater.

To get ready for casting in these shows, the campers had Audition Workshops, a very useful time in which directors and teaching artists guide our campers through the process of auditioning and allow them to ask questions and discuss their own experiences, and after the workshops, each camper is definitely ready for today's auditions!

We ended day with Acting Manitou's famous Staff Showcase, where the fabulous staff members got to show off their skills and talents while demonstrating to the campers that it's okay to do something crazy and go out on a limb. There were fantastic musical performances, moving poetry readings, and a hilarious performance of "I Dreamed a Dream" by a bunk counsellor in a parrot costume. The staff showcase ended and the campers went to bed a little early to prepare for the long day of auditions ahead.